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Elite Delivery specializes in providing full-service domestic and international receiving services for national designers and distributors.


Global and Local

Elite delivery provides a national and international receiving dock on the West Coast, in addition to dock-to-dock transfers throughout the area. We receive full trailer loads for either immediate delivery or consolidation for future delivery. Containers shipped internationally or domestically at various seaports are also accepted.


Comprehensive Warehousing Services

Elite Delivery’s professional furniture handlers carefully receive and thoroughly inspect shipments within 24-48 hours of arrival.  Each piece is checked in, accounted for and reported as received by our experienced warehouse staff.


Quality Handling Guaranteed

Once items are received and inspected, they are securely placed in order to provide easy access for quick delivery. We offer safe, security monitored storage and damage-free handling at all times.


Low-Cost Repair Service

If your product is received damaged, we provide low-cost, in-house repair service, pieces never need leave our warehouse. Elite Delivery’s artisan craftsmen repair and touch up items onsite, saving time, eliminating defect-based returns, and minimizing dissatisfied customers.


Prompt Customer Communication

Customers are contacted after inspection is completed and within 24-48 hours of receiving. A convenient date and 2 to 3-hour delivery window is established. Courtesy calls are made 30 minutes prior to each delivery.


Assembly and Deluxing

We offer both expert assembly and hand deluxing services prior to delivery. Our experienced team will ensure that your customers receive furniture in showroom condition.


Unique Solutions

After 23 years in the business, we have developed an unparalleled expertise for tackling unique problems in this industry. Don’t hesitate to approach us with challenging, unique projects that require advanced solutions.  Whatever it takes, we make it happen.


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